About us

Radio Mreža Association (Radionet) is an independent NGO founded to produce and develop radio programmes of the highest journalistic and production quality. Along with short news programmes of three to five minutes, it produces specialised programmes on different topics such as annual political reviews or the issue of Croatia’s membership in NATO and EU.

Radio Mreža is registered with the Associations’ Registry of Croatia at the Central State Administrative Office for Public Administration of the Republic of Croatia under it’s full name Udruga za razvoj radijskih programa Radio mreža”. It’s first president and editor-in-chief of Radionet’s team of journalists was Silvija Šeparović Bushill. In the team were experienced journalists who were working in the team of the BBC World Service in Zagreb and for other Croatian media.

At this moment there are almost 40 radio stations in Croatia and abroad that are re-broadcasting Radio Mreža’s programmes.


Our Projects


Project title: Radio News, public service (1/7/06 – now)

Continued project by Radio Mreža which lasts from this NGO’s very beginnig. It presents daily current affairs programmes based on free flow of information, free journalism and public interest. The programmes are aired 4 times a day, 365 days a year. More than 30 rebroadcasters.


Project title: 1000-Za-Što u EU (1/1/12 – 31/1/12)

Informing citizens on negation results and effects of accession process on their daily lives.  More than 20 rebroadcasters.


Project title: NATO – Questions and Answers (01/11/07 – 01/04/08)

Very succesful radio campaign «NATO – questions and answers» which was produced in our studio and during which, week by week, we questioned the prospects of Croatia on entering NATO. More than 30 rebroadcasters.


Project title: Korupcija.hr (1/7/09 – 31/12/11)

Weekly programme that exclusively covers corruption and the grey economy – key Croatian problems in the process of EU accession. More than 30 rebroadcasters.